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IT HAS LANDED! 2017's DOUBLE DOOM - DOUBLE TROUBLE - DOUBLE EPIC FREAK OUT - 22 TRACK ALBUM is NOW AVAILABLE ON BANDCAMP. Proceeds from the first month of sales will go to Beyond Blue & the download also comes with a complete lyric and chord book!
Cd's coming in February

There you go that's a tune!

ALso from another dimension and available for the first time. 2016's Demon Dumplings instrumental work for toy instruments. Click here to read all about it

szonkle hoozit what now?

 Vwelcome, Vwelcome, Vwelcome all & roogan doogan folks! - here is bj morrisonkle's official budget web time plastic shrine.

Bj Morriszonkle is a one man band, composer, weirdo, stoked father, songwriter and huge Columbo tv show fan from Melbourne, Australia.

He sometimes makes some sort of cartoon music, sometimes depressed cowboy pop songs, sometimes junk that sounds like b-grade sci-fi movie music from the 50's and sometimes trash / clown metal. It's all over the top and exists completely in it's own screwed up universe. 

"a wholly unpredictable showman"....................... "Morriszonkle is the perfect act to see if you are musically bored".................."A million wacky cartoon characters are swarming around in my head like bees. And they are laughing at me. And eating each other".............."the world's only bipolar one man band"....."it's pretty easy to tell it's wrong''           

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